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The objective of the company is to develop solid partnerships with other international and national companies, establishing the partner brand in the internal market of Brazil. Acting in the import, legalization and distribution of the product in the Brazilian market. It also aims to develop the image of partner companies through marketing campaigns in various types of media and legally protect the brand from any misuse by third parties.
Striatus Group operates through the company Striatus Importação, Exportação e Comércio  LTDA. And it is divided internally into 4 sectors that operate in specific areas:
STRIATUS BIO: Responsible for import, export and trade of controlled products, for human or animal consumption and that require a specific import process and prior authorization from the Brazilian government.
​STRIATUS DEFENSE: Responsible for import, export and trade of products controlled by the Brazilian Army and Federal Police. Products that need special checklist and storage in Brazil.
STRIATUS LUXURY: Responsible for the import, export and trade of luxury products, with highly added value. With a focus on the domestic and foreign jewelery market, precious and semi-precious stones, watches and differentiated high quality products.
STRIATUS TECHNOLOGY: Responsible for import, export and trade of high technology products, which includes transport equipment with electric motors, machinery, electronic components, electronics and equipment.
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